Saturday, July 16, 2011

SMASH 2011

Okay, it's the next morning and I'm fully awake to really say how I felt :D

It was fantastic ! Never have I been to such a big convention. I think this year's SMASH! really beats Animania in space area and the crowd was really big too :) I think the fact that there were more space, there were way more attendees. This crowd probably surpasses Animania too I think. Animania's popularity has slowly died down over the years since the ticket prices keep going up. Even though SMASH's price also went up, I think we got a fair deal :)

It was great because I was able to meet lots of people that I didn't have a chance to see at the last con (SMASH 2010) and also all the guys who flew interstate to attend SMASH! :) It was freaking epic to meet or just see them out of their deviantart account 8D

Mad and Nad !! They look so pretty~ <3<3<3 bahh so sexy >n<;; Lovely seeing them again ! Bought their photobook~

SKY HIGH !! I was going crazy when I saw Christie out of the corner of my eye as Sky High ! My heart skipped a beat *Q* Congrats on getting the Best Cosplayer Christie !!

bahhhh~ Yuki (nona) is so pretty ! She was such a beautiful Euphie 8D If only she had a Suzaku by her side too. But she only had wierd photographers as her escort for the day LOL 

AKIRAAAAA!! HOMFG Loved your dress !! It was spectacular and You really worked hard on it ! Well don't honey :)

YAY ! Karen !~ I was able to meet her in person and take a picture with her !! So Happy :)

Nawww Emi makes such a cute Mariya xD Love her so much >w< And well done to Josh for photobombing OTL

BAHAHAHAHAH !!! I love you danny !! Best Trap I know in the world xD Too pretty QnQ Why can't I look that pretty?

FFFFFF- Andrew you look so hot !! And your uncle is way too cool making that cross-gun thingo ! I missed your stage appearance and was so upset :'( And congrats on getting People's Choice and Best Comedy AMV Awards :)

HOMFG this Sheryl was too pretty ! Brenda make an outstanding Sheryl >n<;; So intimated now, Don't think Mine will come out this good TnT

Aly is too adorable as Izumo !! >w< I just wanna huggle you to death 8D

Chiyo, Vivan, Kyasarin and Tammu @o@ I love Tammu's guitar !! Full of good work up close xD You guys were fantastic !! <3<3<3<3

nawsss~ Wendy is so cute ! It was great to finally meet you Wendy ! You are too adorable in real life ! Hope to keep seeing you alot after this :)

It was great to finally see Straw !~ She's so nice xD And so pretty~ Even prettier in person xDD  Bought her and Minami's Photobook as well :DD

HOSMFG !!! GUESS WHO THAT IS GUYS !!?? IT'S THE ULTIMATE DUDE HIMSELF - LITTLEKURIBOH !! It was so amazing, finally getting to meet the man behind the genius YGO Abridged Series >Q< Got him to sign my SMASH! pass and say a Duke Devlin line. If only I had time to record that man!! He even said a Kaiba line for my friend. It sounded GODLY !!!

Harmony !~ You make such a cute guy >w< Too adorable !!  I want to cosplay the SMASH! mascots one day xD

HOMFG IT'S BLACK CRANE !! She makes such a handsome Brief ;9 I didn't get to speak with her because time was getting tight and I didn't have the guts to talk to her >n<;; I'm such a noob :'(

BWAHHHHH!~ <3 Miyu~ So good to finally talk to her xD Got to get a picture despite how busy her table was >n<;; Thanks hun xD Will see you on LiveStream soon :) Her doujin is so sexy ;9 Bought 'Burning Remedy' and a Pandora Hearts fanart :)

NAWWWW AYA !~ Love this girl here. Couldn't recognise her though :P Felt noob when she said my name and I was like "..." I always imagined her to be short xD 'Cause all her pictures are so adorable and cute, you'd think. But the things  12cm platforms do xDD

Rin looks so cute !~ Adorable Heisuke :) Man I wanna get off my ass and start on Saitou :'(
SHONAAA ! HOMFG It was so good to finally meet you !! You are way too awesome ~ So sad this was too blurry QnQ;; and the flash made us like way to white OTL But it was great seeing you !

Also did I tell you, there was TAIGA ANDO BARNABYYYY!!! HOMFG I WENT SPASTIC WHEN I SAW THEM IN THE LINE. They were still outside and me inside. I was like "I WANNA RUN OUT THERE AND GET THEIR PICTURE BUT I'M SO CLOSE TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE !!" So I went against it, but when inside, I went and took a picture of them every chance I saw 8DD

Not all these images are mine. I downloaded all T&G pictures that I saw on facebook. Last Night, as I was going through every SAMSH! album I could find, when these two came up I went crazy xDD Love them, I recognise Kotetsu as a Perth cosplayer whom I follow on Deviantart. I AM SO IN LOVE HERE !!!

Well it was great seeing everyone and the convention was an epic blast ! Getting up on stage was nerve-racking. Exactly as nerve-racking as the first time I went up on stage. But thank god the stage wasn't as intimidating as the stage at Town Hall OnO;; The only down side was my own fault TnT My mum had warned me in the morning too but I shrugged it off :'(

I wore heels at the con. Didn't bring any flats. And it really ached even in the morning, I had to walk from to Sydney Convention Centre in my stockings which ended up soaked because of the many puddles on the way...on the way home too ^^;; And OH&S issues so I couldn't walk with my stockings on in the con. And also, because I found it really hard to walk in my dress since I didn't have much space for walking in my dress, I ended up waddling everywhere and straying behind my friends TnT and then there when I was trying to catch up quickly I accidentally stretched my feet to far and snapped the thread at the bottom of my dress and some of the thrills just hung there. And that was before the comp QnQ So I walked on stage with a dress that's ripped at the bottom. Total FAIL !

Oh wells. The day was too good to feel bad about one little thing xD

Until next time,
Ja Ne ! ;3

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