Friday, November 25, 2011

Cosplay Plans for Dec2011/Jan2012

So it's my last holidays before school returns and begins my year of no cosplays until December 2012 :"(

So I've organised a few costumes to make and shoot over the 6 week break :) Just so I can sell the wigs and costumes if they prive to be merchantable :"P

Sunday Dec 18 My Vocaloid-themed Birthday Party @ Miku Hatsune School Uniform (Project DIVA 2nd)

Wednesday Dec 21 @ Nezumi (NO.6) with my Shion :)

Wednesday Jan 11 @ Ohana Matsumae (HanaIro) & Rolo Lamperouge (CGR2)

Monday Jan 23 @ Tsuruko (AnoHana) & Masato Hijirikawa Polo Uniform (UTA*PRI)

Monday Jan 30 @ Sakana-chan (Star Driver) with my Head :)

I also have another NO.6 shoot with a different Shion, but we still need to finalise a date :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One more holiday cos?

Mirka Fortuna

(c) Hiyuki@dA

There aren't much references for this version unless it's manga screencaps ^^;; But yarr, had planned this with a group for last year or something but it just wasn't the right time with everyone being busy and such so we disbanded, my Seth was able to complete her costume but and debuted it at MAIN ANIMANIA this year, so I'm going to try and finish mine quickly and get a shoot with her~ :)

Also Good news...

I'm sneaking in 2 new cosplays during the December holidays. Until my holidays start, I'm going to quickly shoot all costumes I need to, to them sell them. Hopefully you guys can look forward to those :"P I will try to sneak at least 3 more cosplays during the January holidays. This is the last break I can work on cosplay with no worries of school :"(

Until holidays, look forward to Yuuki Kuran, Ranka Lee and Tsuruko (all solo).

During the December holidays look forward to Nezumi (twice) and Sakana-chan. (both partnered)

I'm trying to slip these cosplays in January - Rolo Lamperouge, Masato (uniform) and Tsurugi (Raimon vers.) (all solo, except maybe Tsurugi :/ )

These plans are still on maybes but I pretty confident I can do the November/December ones. We'll just have to see about January. Since I'm working more during Dec/Jan :"P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sponsored Costumes :D

Hey guys ! Recently, I've joined a cosplayer sponsor competition from

The winners will be able to be sent costumes and wigs, all for FREE ! I'll be reviewing and testin these costumes for you guys to see if they're good or not ! Please don't think that I will always be praising them or such even if it isn't so good. I assure you, I am a very honest perso, especially when it comes to recommending the best for fellow cosplayers searching for help for supplies :"P

So far, there are only a handful of cosplayers in the running but I'm sure the number of contestants will only grow ! I hope you guys can vote for me when they post my image up for voting because I'd really like this opportunity.

For me, I can see it as a way for me to keep cosplaying in the year which I said I'd have a break. When I said I'd go on a break, it was a break form sewing, and since I sew all my costumes, the end of my cosplying would no doubt have to end, but to be sponsored would be awesome !


I just want to say Good Luck to everyone in the running and hope you guys, my readers can vote for me :)

If you are also interested to be in the running with me and other more amazing cosplayers, just download the application and send it to with the subject of "Cosplay Sponsor Application" :)