Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stocking Make Up Tutorial

Hey guys~ First make-up tutorial has finally made it :) Hope you enjoy and please note once more, all make-up knowledge I know are from trial-and-error, michelle phan and mummy~ <3<3

So this is how I am with no make-up. Just clear your face, tying your hair up, or since I'm going to be cosplaying, putting the hair net on would be practical...but I'm ugly with the net on so no thanks xP
I've already put my blue contacts on that were provided from my friend Tram Phan - she sells them, but has stopped.
And also I've put on double-eyelid glue on :) Becuase I don't have a double eye lid >n<;; The brand I've used for my eyelid glue is a Japanese brand - Koji's "Clear + Eye Talk"


So first up, you use a cream-based foundation...or something. I use normal skin cream 'cause I don't have foundation that's a cream substance, but I do recommend to use them. If you don't have, them use normal face cream. Please, no sunscreen...
Don't laugh at me...some people do that...

Now apply foundation- I used BYS's Pressed Powder #1 Light . My foundation is probably 2 shades lighter than my own skin, two reasons 1) I'm asian, and so I want light skin and; 2) it brightens your face. The reason why I put cream before-hand is because the powder will stay on and you won't lose any during the day :) Also dab the powder on...Unless you wanna pull out your wrinkles earlier than planned....

Now, get some loose powder - I used Rimmel's Mineral Powder Foundation 100 Ivory. Dab your brush in the powder, and then shake the brush a few times to get the excess off. Then gently brush it on your face.

Now apply some concealer in those areas where there are blemishes or anything you want to cover up. I've used Maybelline's Cover Stick. Areas which concealer is usually needed are on our forehead, eyelids, under your eyes, the two sides of your nose, two sides of your lips and your chin. Then blend! Blend with you hands is what I'd recommend. Blending with a brush is just simply too hard and takes too long.

Okay, now apply eyeshadow ! I've used a grey because it compliments Stocking. Other colours I'd recommend for her are purple and blue but these colours must be blended back with grey! My grey is from Jully Rose's eyeshadow palette No. 8816. Apply the eyeshadow only at the "V" of your eye and around the circle of your eye, only apply half of your eye - this makes it less harsh.

Now it's time for eyeliner~ I used L.A. Girl's Fineline Fine-tip liquid eyeliner. Don't make it too thick ! Just enough to have an outline :) Also, don't create too much of a tail either, the eyeliner isn't the main factor that will make your eye dynamic. Line only half of your bottom eye line. Then take a white eyeliner and line the inner rim of your eye to make your eyes look bigger (I forgot this step!) .

Okay !~ Eyelash time : DDDD So this is the thing that will make your eyes go POP! I've used Diamond's Upper Lash Violet Tray 01. Just cut to size then apply appropriate glue on both lashes and leave to dry. If you don't have these, just any eyelashes that are thick and bold will do.

Get your mascara and apply on your lashes - top and bottom. Then curl. I've used Face of Australia's Glamorous Lashes.

Your lashes should be dry now~ so time to apply. I usually apply from the middle and then manoeuvre it around, don't worry if glue smudges, you can re-do your eyeliner or it'll dry clear. Make sure the two ends fit properly and are sticking :) Or else it'll itch you to death....

Now for bottom lashes. In the anime, Stocking has obvious bottom lashes, we want to create the same, so I've gotten these bottom lashes which very much match the ones that Stocking has, these are Koji's Dolly Wink No. 7 Vivid Pop. You don't need the glue to dry for these ones - Just dab some glue one and apply to your bottom line :) There are 6 bits for each eye but I only used 3, enough to fit along the eyeliner :) But you can use all 6 to create the dynamic touch.

This is how the finished product looks :) I wanted to make the eyes the most dynamic because Stocking's are hard to miss, as well as being pretty unique :)

Now get some pearly white eyeshadow. I've gotten my white colour from VEYA's Rose Sweetie Make Up Kit 01

Apply this white at your tear ducts, the bridge of your nose and the bone of your eyebrows. This makes your face look brighter and some creates bright focal points to your face :)

Now for some blush~ <3 I've used Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush Pink Frosting No. 10. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks. So smile (:D) wide and apply it at the tops of your cheeks. I prefer using my fingers to blend them rather than the brush, but please use a brush to at least apply them onto your cheeks. You can blend it using your fingers if you want to.

Now apply some colour to your lovely lips~ :) I chose a very light pink. Then apply lip gloss on ONLY your bottom lip, this will give it that cute shine without overdoing it. I've used David Jone's High Shine Lip Gloss. But for my base, I just used a nice colour that I got from a magazine ;)

Now get that pearly white eyeshadow again and apply at the high tops of your cheeks and also on your cupid's bow. This will brighten up your face and add depth to your lips.

....Now put on your wig and if you've been following carefully, you'll get something like this.

So that's the end of my Stocking Anarchy Make-Up tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and hope you can use some of my strategies :) If You ever do use the same method, please link me to your pictures ! I'd love to see how you went with it :D

Also, don't know if you guys noticed or not, but I've linked all the products I used in this tutorial for you :) I got ones from online stores if you wanted to buy them, but for some I couldn't find any stores so I must of missed something.

Good Luck Everyone~

Ta-ta for now~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

(c) Edward Cullen by NonjoKoji

My heart aches..

After hearing the news of Japan, I was just shocked. These natural disasters are making too much of an appearance in the world - Christchurch, Queensland and now Japan and countries around there.

My prayers reach out to everyone that are suffering through this time of great loss and trouble. I hope you are able to be safe and hope not many are lost. Even though it'd be an absolute miracle for to have lost no one, but it is inevitable. I especially hope for people i know as well as my people that my friends know - Laura's Host Family, Aya's family, etc, PLEASE BE SAFE ! >n<;;

Sunday, March 6, 2011

At this Moment...

Cosplays are progressing really slow at the moment. BUT, I am currently wokring on 3 cosplays at the moment :) All for Project Sheryl 25.

From Top: Infinity(photo provided from Shizuka); Pink Monsoon; Diamond Crevasse.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Also I will be posting Make-Up tutorials. Please not that I am not a professional and all my skills were achieved through years of trial and error (as well as youtube xD)