Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vocaloid Gathering :)

16.12.11 was my birthday so I organised a gathering yesterday for some of my cosplay friends :33 And the theme was Vocaloid~ Initially I was going to cosplay as Miku Hatsune's School Module in Project DIVA2nd but I didn't finish on time :"( But it was still heaps of fun ! Here are some photos~ Enjoy <3

Friday, December 16, 2011

[聖川 真斗] New Project !

saa~ today, I started sewing Masato's polo shirt uniform :D Today is my birthday~ and so, my parents bought me a mannequin !! I bought fabrics for 3 different characters today~ For Miku, Nezumi, IA and Masato <3

So for most of today I just did Masato's polo~ TAT I am very slow. So as of now, I have finished the base of the polo and did the darts on the pants |||orz I still need to add the colour stripes of the sleeves' hems and make the tie :) And then finish the pants and make the tie D": All this left for Sunday >n<;; And I'm working tomorrow...


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cosplay Plans for Dec2011/Jan2012

So it's my last holidays before school returns and begins my year of no cosplays until December 2012 :"(

So I've organised a few costumes to make and shoot over the 6 week break :) Just so I can sell the wigs and costumes if they prive to be merchantable :"P

Sunday Dec 18 My Vocaloid-themed Birthday Party @ Miku Hatsune School Uniform (Project DIVA 2nd)

Wednesday Dec 21 @ Nezumi (NO.6) with my Shion :)

Wednesday Jan 11 @ Ohana Matsumae (HanaIro) & Rolo Lamperouge (CGR2)

Monday Jan 23 @ Tsuruko (AnoHana) & Masato Hijirikawa Polo Uniform (UTA*PRI)

Monday Jan 30 @ Sakana-chan (Star Driver) with my Head :)

I also have another NO.6 shoot with a different Shion, but we still need to finalise a date :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One more holiday cos?

Mirka Fortuna

(c) Hiyuki@dA

There aren't much references for this version unless it's manga screencaps ^^;; But yarr, had planned this with a group for last year or something but it just wasn't the right time with everyone being busy and such so we disbanded, my Seth was able to complete her costume but and debuted it at MAIN ANIMANIA this year, so I'm going to try and finish mine quickly and get a shoot with her~ :)

Also Good news...

I'm sneaking in 2 new cosplays during the December holidays. Until my holidays start, I'm going to quickly shoot all costumes I need to, to them sell them. Hopefully you guys can look forward to those :"P I will try to sneak at least 3 more cosplays during the January holidays. This is the last break I can work on cosplay with no worries of school :"(

Until holidays, look forward to Yuuki Kuran, Ranka Lee and Tsuruko (all solo).

During the December holidays look forward to Nezumi (twice) and Sakana-chan. (both partnered)

I'm trying to slip these cosplays in January - Rolo Lamperouge, Masato (uniform) and Tsurugi (Raimon vers.) (all solo, except maybe Tsurugi :/ )

These plans are still on maybes but I pretty confident I can do the November/December ones. We'll just have to see about January. Since I'm working more during Dec/Jan :"P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sponsored Costumes :D

Hey guys ! Recently, I've joined a cosplayer sponsor competition from

The winners will be able to be sent costumes and wigs, all for FREE ! I'll be reviewing and testin these costumes for you guys to see if they're good or not ! Please don't think that I will always be praising them or such even if it isn't so good. I assure you, I am a very honest perso, especially when it comes to recommending the best for fellow cosplayers searching for help for supplies :"P

So far, there are only a handful of cosplayers in the running but I'm sure the number of contestants will only grow ! I hope you guys can vote for me when they post my image up for voting because I'd really like this opportunity.

For me, I can see it as a way for me to keep cosplaying in the year which I said I'd have a break. When I said I'd go on a break, it was a break form sewing, and since I sew all my costumes, the end of my cosplying would no doubt have to end, but to be sponsored would be awesome !


I just want to say Good Luck to everyone in the running and hope you guys, my readers can vote for me :)

If you are also interested to be in the running with me and other more amazing cosplayers, just download the application and send it to with the subject of "Cosplay Sponsor Application" :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

[聖川 真斗]

Photo (c) Raymond Fung

神宮寺 レン@ダニーさん

Some Good News :")

Since my decision to quit cosplay, I've found it extremely hard to not think about it >n<;; And now since I know I won't be doing it, my head is inclined to think about it even more than it usually does |||ORZ

So, since I'm not ready to really say good bye yet, Christmas/New Year break will start on the 15th December until the end of January for me. The reason I quit was for school studies, but since school's out I will try and squish in 2 cosplays I had planned to do during the end of the year, they are Sakana-chan and Nezumi :")

I've dedicated my participation in both shoots so I won't be backing down. Usually I can make 2 cosplays per week during school breaks, since this break is 6 weeks, I would be able to make 12 in the holidays if I were to sew non-stop. I'm contemplating whether to make more than two cosplays and just sew all the cosplays left I've had lined up for 2011 so then I don't have too much of a backlog of cosplays to make when I finish school at the end of 2012 :/

Well that's just what I'm thinking and not what my parents have allowed me to do ^^||| 
I doubt they will :"P If not, I still have alot of costumes in need for photoshoots x"D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm quitting cosplay.

For a year.

Will make my comeback a boom ! I want to say thanks everyone who has been following this blog, it has made me extremely happy how far I've gone in terms of blogging. I'm glad to show you guys my progress because it just made me want to improve for the sake of you guys and as well as honing my skills, and for that I'm really grateful x"DD I hope you guys can still support me in my absence with my art, yes, in the absence of cosplay, I will draw. Hopefully this will mean my skills will be better by my cosplay comeback. And also I will try extra hard of reviewing anime and manga for you since that is all I can do now that I will no longer be cosplaying for a while.

I'll be debuting again after my HSC so around December 2012 :") Hope you guys can wait for me because I am going to go all out and sew to my heart's content all the cosplay plans I had planned during the year so I hope you guys are still here when that happens :)

If not, thanks for the support.

Now I farewell you as a cosplayer and will see you next time as an artist :"P Until my come back of course xDD

Thanks so much for everything you've done guys !

P.S. I'm hoping I can slip at least 2 shoots during the holidays before 2012 begins >n<;;

[聖川 真斗]

Photo (c) Raymond Fung


On Sunday was the exciting photoshoot for UTA*PRI !! ;3

よう日にうた☆プリのための刺激的な写真撮影があった ! ! <3<3<3

It was super fun and I enjoyed the day very much :) We had all 6 members and 5 photographers, as well an a videographer :D

それとてもたのしかったし、私はとてもたのしみました私たちはすべての6人と5写真家やビデオ撮影していた :D

don't have a lot to say but these are some Behind The Scenes I took from the day :"P


Sunday, October 23, 2011

[ティーザ] うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪

一ノ瀬 トキヤ@ジェニーちゃん
四ノ宮 那月@ルキちゃん
来栖 翔@アリスさん
神宮寺 レン@ダニーさん
聖川 真斗@私
一十木 音也@アリさん