Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Good News :")

Since my decision to quit cosplay, I've found it extremely hard to not think about it >n<;; And now since I know I won't be doing it, my head is inclined to think about it even more than it usually does |||ORZ

So, since I'm not ready to really say good bye yet, Christmas/New Year break will start on the 15th December until the end of January for me. The reason I quit was for school studies, but since school's out I will try and squish in 2 cosplays I had planned to do during the end of the year, they are Sakana-chan and Nezumi :")

I've dedicated my participation in both shoots so I won't be backing down. Usually I can make 2 cosplays per week during school breaks, since this break is 6 weeks, I would be able to make 12 in the holidays if I were to sew non-stop. I'm contemplating whether to make more than two cosplays and just sew all the cosplays left I've had lined up for 2011 so then I don't have too much of a backlog of cosplays to make when I finish school at the end of 2012 :/

Well that's just what I'm thinking and not what my parents have allowed me to do ^^||| 
I doubt they will :"P If not, I still have alot of costumes in need for photoshoots x"D

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