Saturday, February 25, 2012


Just a few things before I begin, I hope everyone's doing well, I hope everyone had a great New Year, a fantastic Lunar New Year and a loving Valentine's Day ! 

I've been doing well, coping with school...barely ^^;;

I've lost my touch with viewing the new animes ever since the shut down of major DDL sites that I used since I rarely watch online. But I did start, I've been following Another, InaGO, Area no Kishi, Another, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys and a few more. But I haven't watched the last 2 weeks' worth of episodes since exams are coming up, I'll do a "Initial Review" of some of the new shows I've been watching later during the week.

Also, I've been comprimising the issue of sewing/cosplaying with my folks and they've agreed to let me sew during the school breaks so I guess I'll be still cosplaying a bit and hope you guys look forward to it because I am !

The first event for Sydney is coming on the 12th of March which is Mini Animania, I was planning to cosplaying Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier, the Happy Nyan Year Festival @ Yokohama design and I've started on the top which you can see below :)

I think my red's a bit too bright |||orz Well anyways, so I've started that, but now I think I won't attend because I found out it's between my exams TAT I've also sold the wig which will be collected on the day. So I think I'll just sell off the wig as planned (going to the event for the trade) and head off to the city to study at the State Library and do a photoshoot when I get my new Sheryl wig...or cos it at the July event, SMASH!

Well that's all for anime and cosplaying. Onto manga, it's been a super long time since I read manga and just last week I dove into Fairy Tail again. Now I had read it before but then stopped for exams and then never remembered where I was up to and gave up on it. I stopped at around when they first met Wendy.

But last week I dove in head first and re-read the whole thing :) I am now up to date and noted where I'm up to no letting it go it's updated again :D And of course that guarantees my love for Fairy Tail making it's way into the light once more xDD I've added FT onto my list of cosplays to do so hopefully you'll get to see that. I had planned to cos Lucy to SMASH! but I failed at finding a Loki partner since it was a last minute design (and by that I mean I'm deciding 5 months prior to the event and everyone knows us cosplayers plan their coses at least 2 years in advance xDD)

But yes, that is all for now ! I had hoped to keep updating this blog even though I had halted cosplay and post up anime reviews but I've been lazy about watching them too TAT But I will try really hard ! I have also opened up a new blog where I review contact lenses :) even if I'm not cosplaying, I still wear lenses as an accessory since soft coloured lenses are categorised as a cosmetic accessory - true fact !

The blog's called 

あなたがたいもの ☆

Hope you guys can follow me there too I update it almost daily since I wear them almost everyday except weekends unless I feel I need to such as photoshoots or anything like the sort xD