Saturday, April 21, 2012


I took a lot more photos but they had my hideous face in it to ruin the whole picture TAT


Yesterday I had a shoot for Alibaba from MAGI~ I hadn't put any progress pictures because it 
literally took me two hours to make ^^;; And my wig styling was too ghey for me to have the 
guts to post it up orz;;; I didn't even upload it in my folders on facebook :")

But alas, awesome photographer Ray made it all look perfeccccct :"D /thanksman

Had an amazing day full of kpop, god-modes and fun times~ thanks to Wendy for being too sexy of a Kassim and to Ray for being super epic photographer of the day :D

Here are some progress pics and behind the scenes :P Hope you guys can wait for another week for the results of our hardwork and perseverance in a dark, wet creepy war fort x"D