Saturday, January 29, 2011


Please excuse the fat xD

45% Complete                                                     

Need to do:
- Attach band to hold front of jacket.
- Belt + walkie talkie pouch
- Hat
- Stocking's Doll + it's hat

Currently waiting on wig. Need to buy whistle and Light Stick.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Diary

So, I haven't actually written an actual 'diary' entry ever since I started this blog.

Well I thought I'd introduce myself: My alias is Fuda Fuyumi, I've been cosplaying for 2 full years, I've only been sewing/making my own costume for 1 year.

As of now, I have cosplayed the following characters:

- Yuuki Kuran (Vampire Knight)
- Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
- Misa Amane (Death Note)
- Anya Alstreim (Code Geass R2)
- Miku Hatsune: MAGNET (Vocaloid02)
- C.C. (Code Geass)
- Rukia Kuchiki (BLEACH)
- Mari Illustrious Makinami (EVA2.0)
- Sheryl Nome: Diamond Crevasse (Macross F)
- Luka Megurine: Sandplay of the Dragon (Vocaloid03)
- Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara)
- Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High Host Club)
- Len Kagamine: MAGNET (Vocaloid02)

I have costumes from past years that are still incomplete or need a proper photo shoot to showcase them.

I am a make-up enthusiast and so I am very picky with accuracy in this area. I am no weapon-maker but I try :) I also love wig-styling even though I'm no good >n<;; And I love being my favorite characters; being in their shoes.

I love the attention and all the friends I make as well as feeling part of a special community. The only thing I dislike is the elitist conception of cosplay.

For 2011, my years' resolutions are:
- lose some weight >n<;;
- make as much costumes as I can as well as keeping with my studies
- go to as much conventions to compete
- get through photo shoots for all costumes :)

My line up of cosplays so far are:

[22] Kaoru Hitachiin ~Casual~ COMPLETE
[??] Miku Hatsune ~ World is Mine~

[??] Yukari Takeba
[27] Insane Black Rock Shooter
[27] Stocking Anarchy ~Traffic Person Ep 7~

[19] Mini Animania Stocking Anarchy ~Premier Gown Ep 2~
[??] Hanekawa Tsubasa ~School Uniform~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Sex in the Daten City Ep 2~
[??] Lluvia Lorax ~Fairy Tail Guild~

[??] Saeko Buujima ~Armour~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Gym Uniform Ep 2~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Doctor Uniform Ep 7~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Waitress Uniform Ep 7~

[24] Koji Minamoto ~Digimon Frontier~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Casino Ep 7~

[11] Lenalee Lee ~Second Uniform~
[18] Supanova Day 1 Stocking Anarchy ~ Sailor Outfit Ep 3~
[19] Supanova Day 2 Da Qiao ~DW5~
[??] Utau Hoshina ~Seraphic Charm~

[16] SMASH! Stocking Anarchy ~School Uniform Ep 2~
[17] Ciel Phantomhive ~Femme | Chapter Cover~
[??] Hajime Saitou ~Western~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Cop Ep 8~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Game Show Ep 8~
[??] Sheryl Nome ~Pink Monsoon~

[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Ice Skating Ep 9~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~ED Ep 9~
[??] Luka Megurine ~JBF~

[17] Main Animania Day 1 Princess Tomoyo ~Nihon World~
[18] Main Animania Day 2 Lal Mirch ~Post-Acraboleno~
[25] Anime Store Event Stocking Anarchy ~Angel Transformation~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Original Casual~
[??] Sheryl Nome ~White Bunny~

[01] Machi Kuragi ~School Uniform~
[??] Justina ~Crimson Stigmata~
[??] Rhyme ~TWEWY~

[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Casual Ep 11~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Casual Ep 12~

[??] Sheryl Nome ~Christmas Special~

...In the still wasn't a proper diary entry :/

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mission Update 270111

CURRENT MISSION Insane Black Rock Shooter.
TO BE COMPLETED BY 27th February.
NEW MISSION Stocking Anarchy (Traffic Person - Episode3))
TO BE COMPLETED BY 27th February.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mission Update

MISSION Hikaru Hiitachiin(Casual).
TO BE COMPLETED BY 22nd January.
MISSION STATUS Premature Completion.

NEXT MISSION Insane Black Rock Shooter.
TO BE COMPLETED BY 27th February.

[ 巡音ルカ ]

(c) フダ フユミ

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hikaru Hitachiin [WIP]

Photoshoot: Ouran High Host Club Casual
22nd January 2011

"...keep updated for the shoot's pictures ;)..."