Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the List.

Me as Ivan (Origami Tornado)

I hope I can recruit the rest of the Heroes QnQ It seems Tiger & Bunny aren't as popular as I thought D':

I'll do it in my spare time. I'm not in a rush ^^ Because there are more T&G episodes to be watched ! (There's only 8 episodes out~)

Friday, May 20, 2011


"Gosick takes place in 1924 in a small, French-speaking fictional European country of Sauville. The story centers on Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, who is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. There he meets Victorica, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire content of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can't solve. The series mostly focuses on Kazuya and Victorica getting involved in different mystery cases and their struggle to solve them, at the same time forming important bonds with different people." - Wikipedia
 I love this anime so much ~ It started as a light novel. And I'm also surprised that the demographic of this series is actually shounen :S Oh wells~ I'm one that's for shounen any day ^^

The opening of the anime is so awesome too~ Thought the ending is kinda...

But yeah, If you're into mystery and I guess slice of life (relationship wise), as well as some killing, murders and everything gruesome that's attached to mystery then this is for you~ Or at least enough to try it ^^

The series currently has 18 episodes released out of 24 so it's almost the end QnQ

Random Wolf Mask

New Updates ! New Costumes!

I feel as if this cosplay blog is to exclusive, as in not being very familiar and 'bloggy' at all (not exclusive as if I think this thing is too good for you ==;;)
So I decided I should put more of my own opinions and I guess, blog properly ^^;; Instead of being all military and just update you guys via my mission reports xD
So I just got home from Spotlight and bought these fabrics~ I'm working on Sheryl once again xD This time it's her nurse outfit that is exclusively from the new movie ~さよならの翼~ (Sayonara no Tsubasa)
The outfits I've seen that will feature in this movie are stunning as always! I especially like Ranka's joker/fairy-esque costume that's in the picture there and also here:

It's so cute~ I want to do it. But I won't cosplay it publicly - like to a con or anything, because I don't suit Ranka enough to role-play her. Just able to grasp her in photos >n<;; /fail

"...why must I be so big and un-petite with round broad shoulders dammit..."

This also goes to be the same with Sheryl's nurse outfit. It'll only be a private photshoot costume. It's too skanky for me to wear at a con D:
And I've noticed I wear cosplays that are pretty covered up to cons (minus -MAGNET- ミク) ... /akwardstarfish

So other costumes from マクロスF~さよならの翼~ I will do:

And also this 'casual' outfit that's in the new "Sheryl Visual Collection" Artbook :)

So I guess that means I'll be working on ~


That's only 8/25 QnQ and it's already May...I am so dead xD

Well SMASH! (Sydney Manga Anime SHow!) is on in July and I've deicided to cosplay as Victorique from ゴシック ~ <3 And my friend will be my Kujo :D This is the version I'm doing:

I know it's not that clear, but ゴシック is relatively new and doesn't have much official "anime" art so I had to take a screenshot of the episode the dress is featured it. But isn't it cute xDD

I am in love with this anime !

More on this anime in my next post ~