Friday, May 20, 2011

New Updates ! New Costumes!

I feel as if this cosplay blog is to exclusive, as in not being very familiar and 'bloggy' at all (not exclusive as if I think this thing is too good for you ==;;)
So I decided I should put more of my own opinions and I guess, blog properly ^^;; Instead of being all military and just update you guys via my mission reports xD
So I just got home from Spotlight and bought these fabrics~ I'm working on Sheryl once again xD This time it's her nurse outfit that is exclusively from the new movie ~さよならの翼~ (Sayonara no Tsubasa)
The outfits I've seen that will feature in this movie are stunning as always! I especially like Ranka's joker/fairy-esque costume that's in the picture there and also here:

It's so cute~ I want to do it. But I won't cosplay it publicly - like to a con or anything, because I don't suit Ranka enough to role-play her. Just able to grasp her in photos >n<;; /fail

"...why must I be so big and un-petite with round broad shoulders dammit..."

This also goes to be the same with Sheryl's nurse outfit. It'll only be a private photshoot costume. It's too skanky for me to wear at a con D:
And I've noticed I wear cosplays that are pretty covered up to cons (minus -MAGNET- ミク) ... /akwardstarfish

So other costumes from マクロスF~さよならの翼~ I will do:

And also this 'casual' outfit that's in the new "Sheryl Visual Collection" Artbook :)

So I guess that means I'll be working on ~


That's only 8/25 QnQ and it's already May...I am so dead xD

Well SMASH! (Sydney Manga Anime SHow!) is on in July and I've deicided to cosplay as Victorique from ゴシック ~ <3 And my friend will be my Kujo :D This is the version I'm doing:

I know it's not that clear, but ゴシック is relatively new and doesn't have much official "anime" art so I had to take a screenshot of the episode the dress is featured it. But isn't it cute xDD

I am in love with this anime !

More on this anime in my next post ~


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