Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Diary

So, I haven't actually written an actual 'diary' entry ever since I started this blog.

Well I thought I'd introduce myself: My alias is Fuda Fuyumi, I've been cosplaying for 2 full years, I've only been sewing/making my own costume for 1 year.

As of now, I have cosplayed the following characters:

- Yuuki Kuran (Vampire Knight)
- Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
- Misa Amane (Death Note)
- Anya Alstreim (Code Geass R2)
- Miku Hatsune: MAGNET (Vocaloid02)
- C.C. (Code Geass)
- Rukia Kuchiki (BLEACH)
- Mari Illustrious Makinami (EVA2.0)
- Sheryl Nome: Diamond Crevasse (Macross F)
- Luka Megurine: Sandplay of the Dragon (Vocaloid03)
- Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara)
- Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High Host Club)
- Len Kagamine: MAGNET (Vocaloid02)

I have costumes from past years that are still incomplete or need a proper photo shoot to showcase them.

I am a make-up enthusiast and so I am very picky with accuracy in this area. I am no weapon-maker but I try :) I also love wig-styling even though I'm no good >n<;; And I love being my favorite characters; being in their shoes.

I love the attention and all the friends I make as well as feeling part of a special community. The only thing I dislike is the elitist conception of cosplay.

For 2011, my years' resolutions are:
- lose some weight >n<;;
- make as much costumes as I can as well as keeping with my studies
- go to as much conventions to compete
- get through photo shoots for all costumes :)

My line up of cosplays so far are:

[22] Kaoru Hitachiin ~Casual~ COMPLETE
[??] Miku Hatsune ~ World is Mine~

[??] Yukari Takeba
[27] Insane Black Rock Shooter
[27] Stocking Anarchy ~Traffic Person Ep 7~

[19] Mini Animania Stocking Anarchy ~Premier Gown Ep 2~
[??] Hanekawa Tsubasa ~School Uniform~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Sex in the Daten City Ep 2~
[??] Lluvia Lorax ~Fairy Tail Guild~

[??] Saeko Buujima ~Armour~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Gym Uniform Ep 2~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Doctor Uniform Ep 7~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Waitress Uniform Ep 7~

[24] Koji Minamoto ~Digimon Frontier~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Casino Ep 7~

[11] Lenalee Lee ~Second Uniform~
[18] Supanova Day 1 Stocking Anarchy ~ Sailor Outfit Ep 3~
[19] Supanova Day 2 Da Qiao ~DW5~
[??] Utau Hoshina ~Seraphic Charm~

[16] SMASH! Stocking Anarchy ~School Uniform Ep 2~
[17] Ciel Phantomhive ~Femme | Chapter Cover~
[??] Hajime Saitou ~Western~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Cop Ep 8~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Game Show Ep 8~
[??] Sheryl Nome ~Pink Monsoon~

[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Ice Skating Ep 9~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~ED Ep 9~
[??] Luka Megurine ~JBF~

[17] Main Animania Day 1 Princess Tomoyo ~Nihon World~
[18] Main Animania Day 2 Lal Mirch ~Post-Acraboleno~
[25] Anime Store Event Stocking Anarchy ~Angel Transformation~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Original Casual~
[??] Sheryl Nome ~White Bunny~

[01] Machi Kuragi ~School Uniform~
[??] Justina ~Crimson Stigmata~
[??] Rhyme ~TWEWY~

[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Casual Ep 11~
[??] Stocking Anarchy ~Casual Ep 12~

[??] Sheryl Nome ~Christmas Special~

...In the still wasn't a proper diary entry :/

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