Friday, November 25, 2011

Cosplay Plans for Dec2011/Jan2012

So it's my last holidays before school returns and begins my year of no cosplays until December 2012 :"(

So I've organised a few costumes to make and shoot over the 6 week break :) Just so I can sell the wigs and costumes if they prive to be merchantable :"P

Sunday Dec 18 My Vocaloid-themed Birthday Party @ Miku Hatsune School Uniform (Project DIVA 2nd)

Wednesday Dec 21 @ Nezumi (NO.6) with my Shion :)

Wednesday Jan 11 @ Ohana Matsumae (HanaIro) & Rolo Lamperouge (CGR2)

Monday Jan 23 @ Tsuruko (AnoHana) & Masato Hijirikawa Polo Uniform (UTA*PRI)

Monday Jan 30 @ Sakana-chan (Star Driver) with my Head :)

I also have another NO.6 shoot with a different Shion, but we still need to finalise a date :)

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