Monday, July 4, 2011

(c) dees2013 (dA)

HOSFMG !! DEES !~ Dees is a cosplayer from Hong Kong and she is one of the biggest bishounen's I've seen throughout crossplaying female cosplayers xD I am a great fan of her Starry Sky cosplays and many more xD

Her newest cosplay, Barnaby of T&G is excellent as always. The amount of lighting present really lets the right amount of shadow in to recount Barnaby's disturbed emotions of hatred and confusion of his parent's death. 

Barnaby sitting on the floor drinking is totally what Barnaby would do xDD

Yet another excellent T&G cosplay ! Sorry for all the T&G spam. Just love this serious too much :P Will try other varieties xD

until next time,
ja ne ~

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