Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Anime Season II

So I'm starting from where I left off in my last part xD I'll talk about the other anime I didn't get a chance to talk about ^^

Okay, First up ! Yuru Yuri ~

This anime is sooooo weird !~ As you watch it, it feels like a normal anime...until you get to their club activities. It is so random, weird and funny xD I don't really know what else to expect from this anime because I'm not a great fan of comedy anime even though I do enjoy it when I watch one ^^ I recommend a first try for it though !~

Kami Sama Dolls~

This is really interesting. About a guy who moves to the city to study and all of a sudden a guy who he had put in jail form his village has appeared trying to seek some revenge for leaving the village without him. And then his little sister comes to his rescue...but she controls a God O.O;; Or more like a God inside some sort of a Doll form. Not Barbie dolls though ^^;; Like...ancient design or tribal design type ^^;; Freaking huge too I might add, and also that guy that was in jail is a controller as well~ So in one episode, there's been love, murder and revenge...WOW is all I can say ^^;; When you watch it, you'd think the good guy would be the main character...but then it seems his little sister with the God Doll is :S /confused
It's an anime I would recommend. Not strongly but you should watch it. Your call if it's your thing or not :P

Kaitou Tenshi ~

First look at this anime and depending what type of person you are, you'd probably stop and never lok back because of the chibi-ness and high-pitched kawaii-kawaii voice >_>;; geh...that was me. But of course, I watched the whole episode because I want to review for you guys 8D

So anyways, that cute-chibi factor was a big turn-off for me. But the action involved in this anime settles the balance, because dayum them little girls are uber strong. It's like Barnaby and Kotetsu's power :O Except it doesn't last 5 minutes ^^;; Also has a Sailor Moon factor because the two girls have their own Tuxedo Kamen...forgot his name...but it's pretty obvious who their Tuxedo Mask is ==;; I mean seriously...wearing your sschool uniform and a cape + mask? >_>;; what happened to originality? And yes, as also the same with SM there faces are revealed and yet whoever sees them can't see FREAKING SIMILARITIES between their normal and transformation ==;; But yes, that can go because their fighting is cool 8) Don't know whether to recommend or not, of course I will continuw to watch it until I'm sick from the glitter and flowers *n*

Ikoku Meiru no Croisee~

This is a very cute anime ! Historical setting in Europe...France to be more precise I believe. About a little sign girl form Japan who's moved to France and is living under a Black Smith and his shop~ His Grandson is the one running the shop because Grandpa's retired :P It's very cute how the development between the Grandson and the kimono girl develops. Because he sees no use of her being here and wants her to go home. But as he learns of customs and traditions of Japan he wants to understand more of the girl and the two come to a mutual understanding and yeah....very cute...Nothing out of the ordinary though :S Not yet I hope...

So that's the all anime that I hadn't talked about last post ~ But new episodes have come out and I am ready to review the one's I've watched thus far >:)


Uhm....yeah...freaking random man...Almost like 30-sai no Taiiken...except in an even more random format. The series was originally a 4-panel comic. This anime is really weird and might I say boring and uninteresting. The art is....the characters are all anime and normal...their backgrounds are all real images and it's just...can't really describe how this anime works....but it's weird....

At least to weird and different for me ^^;; I won't be continuing this series :S

Mayo Chiki~

I AM LOVING THiS SERIES! Yay for another cross-dressing anime :P Konoe is such a tsundere girl xD And yet such a bishounen man butler ;9 Do you know where this is drifting?

Konoe is an only child of a family which have served as butlers for the Suzutsuki family. She is serving under Kanade. Of course Konoe's got the whole school fooled. But one day she's found out by Kinjirou and so she attempts to bash him until he loses his memories xDD

But Kinjirou also has his own secret. He get instant nosebleeds when a girl touches him. But it's not because of's some reaction...touch his face and he's bleeding xD And so through some events, Suzutsuki comes with a compromise - Kinjirou will not be dead at the foot of Mt Fuji is he keeps Konoe's secret xDD LOL uhm yeah...blackmail I mean. And now Konoe is watching him like a hawk almost 24/7 ;9 I see some gropage and stuffs coming. I don't recommend this anime if you can't handle your naked bodies ;P


Uta no Prince-Sama~Maji Love 1000%

After hearing ANA's rating of 2 for this series, I was contemplating whether to watch it because it had already been on my list of must-watchs. But of course I can't reject an anime that's going to have bishounens and music. I watched the first ep. And never looked back at the ANA rating.

FFFFFFF- IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!! The guys are hot, the music is so catchy, the amazing boy band voices *Q* I feel like I'm fangirling over a KPOP boy band. This is epic. I am so in love with the opening number of the first episode called Maji Love 1000% (I've learnt the dance) performed by STARISH xDD (Weird name, yes. But it doesn't matter when there are hot men). Of course, this a reverse harem anime and so it needs a female lead characters. She's very plain looking and I would recommend a better character design...her eyes are unique...but in a way that'll freak you out. It's a very foreign colour...and not very easy to take in @n@;; I mean she's got yellow eyes and peachy orange hair?! Somewhat in a way yellow.... :S

But never mind that! I am stoked to see what it next episode. I can feel another MF type of thing going on with millions of Insert Songs *Q* Not to mention one of the seiyuus is no other but the voice of Zero (VK), Tamaki (OHHC) and Light (DN) - MIYANO MAMORU !~ <3<3 and of course there are 5 more ;Q; I am drooling over this anime xD

Got a bit of Skip Beat!, bit of MF, got a bit of La Corda~etc :) I am excited to cosplay this series xDDD


It's interesting, at first I didn't like how episode was acting as a documentary film-type format. But in the end I'm sure that format was only lasting for that first episode.

I've never played the games or anything and there's nothing in particularly that's turned me off. It's always caught my eye since the beginning with the games, but unfortunately I'm not very good at games and also obtaining foreign games isn't the easiest thing for me to do ^^;;

But I do recommend it, it's just that the first episode didn't pop like I had hoped because of the format it was airing in, hopefully the 2nd episode will show something brilliant :P

*Some of the series' I couldn't find images for ^^;; Gomen ne~

Until next time,
Ja ne ! :)

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