Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ano Hana

Okay, so I've dying to cosplaying from Ano Hana because it's a cosplay that's really touched me (super heart-wrenching ;A;) and I really want to support the anime by cosplaying it.

So my ideas so far are to have a day where it's the default costumes and then on another where we take replicant still-shots of the last episode. Because it was so moving and I'm hoping my team members love this series as much as I do to be able to convey the amazing fill of emotions of the last episode.

So now I'm trying to recruit as much people I can get my hands on. Through cosplay groups on facebook, to all my cosplay friends who I think would have watched it and on dA also>n<;; Hopefully I can a full house by August or October :) I've gotten all the girls so I can go ahead with this version:

Menma by Isabella, Anaru by Tammu and Tsuruko by myself :)

Also found myself a Jintan - Aly <3

And all I need is a Popo and Yukiatsu :DDDDD And yes I can do the full group shoots. Should try and find a similar bridge and forest @m@;;

Hopefully the spots that fill fairly quickly so i can start of making the costume xDDD

And also need photographers if anyone is form Sydney and is interested and is capable to effectively capturing the emotions that I'm looking for ^^;; Sorry for the pickiness but I haven't loved / been attached to an anime for so long in this way.

Till next time,
Ja matta !~

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