Thursday, July 28, 2011


(c) cainplus

Uta No☆prince-sama♪ ! ! !

This is one of the first Uta☆Pri cosplays I've seen recently :) Sure, I've seen many on CURE but this was the first completed cosplay on dA :) (Prior were usually wig test shots) featuring Tokiya and Ittoki. They're roomies and so are usually paired together when performing or anything other that involves having all 6 boys together :) I really love how Tokiya has really styled her hair accurately with the gravity-defying hair flick xD And Ittoki is totally in character, with her headphones and Ittoki's very cute and cheery self <3<3

A very well done cosplay and I hope my group and I will be just as good when we do our Uta☆Pri shoot <3<3 Or even close, anywhere close and I'll be over the moon ^^;;

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