Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ao No Exorcist

(c) ycysusan (dA)

Was going through my dA messages and through the new deviations from deviants I deviantWatch 8)

Then I came across this deviant. Ycysusan is a member of that frequents the forum threads that I usually frequent and of course, she is also part of dA. ycysusan is cosplaying as Yukio and Steph as Rin. I love ycysusan's dedication to detail. The pair look absolutely serious - pretty accurate when their in serious mode 8) Well, Steph could of seemed more like, happy for a fight. 'Cause you know...Rin loves a fight xDD It seems Steph's is doing human!Rin in the uniform or they were limited with time and didn't have time to get to the best of details.

All in all, the photography is excellent and their costumes are epic ! And credits to ycysusan for surviving the USA's summer heat at this time in that trench coat =A=;;

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