Friday, June 24, 2011

Vampire Knight

The other week I was reminded of how much I miss Vampire Knight. I was on and searched up Yuuki Kuran ;P

 And Gawds I fell in love with it again. Especially the images fromm the newer part of VK /squeal

I stopped reading VK at volume 10 because BORDERS shut down and there are no other suppliers that are closer to me. The next best thing (this totally beats BORDERS though) is Kinokuniya but that's all the way in the city so next time I go up to the city I'll purchase the volumes to continue :P Yes, I do g out and buy it. Once I read a manga outside of the online community then I do not go online to read it. Even if the new chapter/scanlations are translated that's gonna take a month or so to actually print and sell in shops I do not go online to read xDDD

So anyways I remembered  my greatest dreams with cosplaying VK xDD Of course I've only managed the Day Class uniform but I had daydreams for all the other cosutmes. So I've selected which ones I want to do xDD

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