Friday, June 17, 2011

The Full Course For Candy Addicts

Oh heyy~

So today at school, it was decided that the school will have a fundraising event next Thursday and it is essential for us to dress up (the only reason why people will be willing to bring in money to raise) and every year group has been allocated a theme. Since I'm a second year Senior Highschool student, the grade was given "Halloween" as our theme, it was originally "Pajamas" but then it was changed (phew~)

So yah. Of course I was super excited because I can finally show-off my cosplay skills after being attending the school for 5 years QwQ 

So I was thinking any anime characters that are all bloody and stuff. I was thinking Rena but she's too innocent looking xD So then I went on and I found a Hatsune Miku costume that I had totally forgotten about. My friend had cosplayed this a few months ago and it was so epic !!

FREAKING EPIC RIGHT?! Totally suits the Halloween theme :D

There's Nadleeh as Miku

But yarssss~ So I will be quickly making the costume and use my Luka wig...Will have to change some stuff because of the short notice the school gave us so maybe afterwards I'll fix it up and do a proper shoot xP

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