Thursday, June 16, 2011

Main Animania Sydney 2011 Sunday

Yes, I am going to show-off my chest :) LOL jk. Will use binding like in one of Len's costumes :P Not accurate but you can't expect me to go surgery for this O.O;; But you can see it's like a half HERO half-casual of Ivan xDD I just realised the 'half-casual' part just then, prior to, I thought it was just half-HERO-half him :S I might just have the jacket over my shoulder for the photos xDD But it's a win-win ~ It's goes accurate with the ref, and it can keep me warm AND I get to make 2 costumes at once. Only to say if the cold will still be 'round during Spring xD Which I don't doubt because every year I feel the wrath of the wind because I didn't buy an Advanced Ticket OTL

So yeah. Wish my luck guys xD

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