Monday, June 27, 2011

Rima Touya

(c) Aki (BBChibi@dA)
FFFFFFFF- Fell in love with Rima all over again after seeing Aki's cosplay of her xDD I have long-dreamed to cosplay Rima but after I lost interest in VK I forgot all bout Rima ;A; I'm so horrible...

I especially love the lighting in this shot. If you want to see the rest of the spam of this cosplay by her just go here. She is just so adorable and her make-up totally suits Touya's "Still Doll" look. Ahhh you saw what I did there ;9...

The wig looks amazing though I would of liked it better with the ribbons and thinned out ponytails and maybe some Pocky xDD But overall it's an excellent cosplay which calls for me to reminisce over Vampire Knight xPPPP

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