Thursday, June 16, 2011

LOL jokes I'm back.

Okay, that image I gave you in the last post? It's not so clear because he's bending over so I went looking for more references. These are my findings :)

Yeah so anyways. Now I don't know what I wanna do :S The one on top is super cool and I guess more accurate to his HERO csotume. But then I can't stay warm.

The second one is epicly thankful for having the shirt inside ^^;; but of course the outer clothing's aren't the armour :S And the third is just the first except not as epic looking. 

I'm thinking of fusing these together. Even though I like the picture in the last post because it has has casual, in making that one I'll have motivation to make his casual :/ But I think if it's Ivan, I'll be able to motivate myself simply because it's him :S


/sigh I think I'll do the top image with the inside shirt of the second image and the makeup and head piece+wrist accessory of the picture in the last post :)

What do you guys think? :)

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