Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sheryl Update !

So the other day I found this chunk of lilac fabric and realised my cousin had given it to me because she had too much excess from her textiles assignment. THEN BANG ! Sheryl came into my head :) This one :

And so I just did this dress in a on/off span of 2 days :) had no ribbon so went and bought some yesterday, and finally did the finishing touches today~

Not as flowy and stuff as in the picture :( and the ribbon at the back isn't that look either :/ oh wells and least it makes me look skinner than I am xD

So now, I've worked on 6 Sheryl's and 1 is knocked out. 5 outfits I'm working on now, the other costumes, I will slowly buy the fabrics for :)

So yeah ~ Hopefully I'll finish 4-5 costumes by the July holidays which start on the 2nd :D And then it's holidays for 2 weeks so I'll be able to get my friends form xxnatto to showcase my costumes xD

- ja, mata ashita~ :)

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