Sunday, September 18, 2011

Failmania 2011 Report !

AHOYYYYY みんなさん !!!

I am back from Sydney's Main Animania 2011 !! 

I only went on the Sunday~ I didn't go into the event because I was too poor and I wasn't willing to sacrifice $35 to walk around and do nothing. Instead, I joined many of the foyer-peeps xDD Lots of people stayed in the foyer rather than in the event unless for food and skits ^^;;

I was only there to have photoshoots and have people collect stuff they bought off me and me to buy some things form friends :33

Okay, so picture spam time :)

Well don't mind me and my ugly derp face xDD Well as you can see, I had two cosplays. But in fact, I had 3 >www<;; Miku Hatsune was worn for like 20 mins ^^;; Couldn't stand the wig :"(

But it was great to meet all my friends again, and meet new ones (I LOVE YOU EMMA ! <3<3) and the awesome cosplays I managed to snap whilst they were in the foyer :33 But some cosplayers/cosers I totally forgot to take a picture of/with T^T

But it was a fun day ! Nothing much to report since I didn't actually go in though ^^;;

Ja ne ! :33
Until next time ~

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