Friday, September 30, 2011

AniReview: End of Winter Season (Summer in Japan)

So most anime series' are coming to an end as the list for Spring's (Autumn in Japan) Anime list are ready to be aired~

I'll review all the series' I have watched from Winter's (Summer in JP) season and even the ones I didn't finish as in my next post, review over stuff I am currently watching and are planning to watch :)


Very cute story and very light~ No particular plotline. I recommend it if you want a light series that's full of fun and cuteness xDD


Story is cute and had everything you expect rom a reverse harem~ IKEMEN & Plain Jane ^^;; Even though Haruka is cute, her personality is such a bore and gets annoying, but that's form a girl's POV, don't know how guys like their girls...not that guys would watch this anime~ Unless for the fun of it ^^;;

I recommend it to all music lovers and fangirls who love their bishounen~


I have not finished this series. It's a very cute anime that is very GOSICK-esque. Because of exams I haven't been able to continue.


An anime that is very energetic ! Full of randomness and is pretty much everywhere. It gave me a headache ^^;; I don't really like something that doesn't have some sort of plot. And this anime clearly didn't have one, at least at the start ^^;; But what can I say? First impressions are everything ^^"P

R-15 7/10

It was pretty good and very interesting~ A little bit ridiculous and hilarious~ But I think it should be retitled as R-18...LOL The stuff the kid writes ain't no 15+ ^^;; Ecchi anime that didn't get to me :/ Dunno why...Just awkward thinking about a kid who writes pr0n is all... It got boring after a while since nothing really happened, it moved very slowly...


One of my favourites this season~ More so because it's detective stuff and stuff ^^;; Even if you don't like Detective stuff it's still a good series to watch ! Very cute and has a bit of Slice of Life I think personally :33 There's not more I can say without spoiling you guys ! So take my word for it ^w^;;



By the character designer of CG I was stoked to see something so CG-esque, not just in the art, but the characters, mostly talking about the mechas (Knightmares/cough) It has a pretty solid story line and just almost as good as CG.

Of course it didn't have that crazy-insane element to it, though maybe just a tinsy bit...but that was in the antagonist :/ So typical~ But it is a good series to check out~ Sebastian and Claude's love child is in there~ ;))) /nudgenudge


I found this anime very boring and slow. I think the plot line was going to be something like the growing relationship between two cultures type of thing~ Or so that's what the first episode seemed it was going to be like.


TSUNDEREEEEEEEE CROSSDRESSING FEMALE BUTLERRR ! Yet another anime that casts a crossdresser :) It's an Ecchi anime~ Very fun and cute ! The plot is very narrow and isn't exactly a road, unless emotional-wise between the two main characters. I would recommend it to all ecchi-lovers and those who can handle their naked bodies xD Has a lot of pervy stuff~ Though the perviness has kind of died down now that the series is getting serious between the main characters :/ 

This series has yet to be completed.

BLOOD-C 9/10

Definitely another favourite of mine. Though it lost a point for being over-gruesome and a total mindfuck ^^;; Since I haven't watched Blood+ I don't know how to compare and what's bad or good between them. But as a stand-off anime I think the plot was directed a bit weird...and not really for the better, it seemed every episode until the last few were fillers :/ Or was used to take time in introducing the characters. By taking so much time introducing characters when the story picked up it was too much of a schock of what suddenly happened ^^;; But it's an awesome series for it's gruesome shit and epic blood baths...I would rate the gruesomeness a 9/10 and since this series is new...the gruesomes were yeah you could almost see what was happening behind the blur...and the thought, was gruesome >www<;;


EPICNESSSSS~ Nurarihyon is my typical anime~ Shounen genre with epic demons and shinanigans :DDD I didn't follow the series very closely because I watched the episodes very far apart ^^;; But all I can say it, you must give it a go !!!

NO.6 9/10

One of those anime that will make you cry in the final QwwwQ It's very sweet and addictive for BL loverss~ <3<3 And yes, it's ONLY BL. They don't go any further than a kiss OTL It has a good plot line and the journey of their relationship was a pleasure to watch >wwwwwwww< <3<3<3


Okay, screw what I said last time about this series. I definitely can't handle the chibi and kira-kira-ness even if they have explosive fights. >n<;; Looking at the picture...I don't even know three of the characters. It was just uninteresting even though there was fighting...1) Because they won too easily, 2) Hardly any fighting struggle 3) Too chibi for words and 4) It can't beat PGSM ^^;;


I stopped after the first episode, I continued to download it and then found no time to watch it during my exam period...but the first episode was a drag. That one episode was one long episode to begin with but the story introduction was dragging wayyyy too slow... That Tenma took bloody forever to get out of that space...and that guy got decapitated !!! I think that was the only highlight of the first episode...besides the dark-haired guy ^^;; I will attempt to re-watch this.


I stopped watching after the first episode and continued to download it. The first episode was such a mess it gave me a headache too @n@;; I recommend you watch it because it presented a good plot~ But the way they got into the story was kinda WTF :///

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