Friday, September 30, 2011

AniReview: Spring 2011 (MAR-MAY)

Because most series from the season have recently finished as well :33


Very random and weird, and wrong OnnnnnnnnO;; About two virgins that start dating and it is beyond awkward QvQ;; I don't mind the perv-ness but the characters are drawn so chibi and rounded and cute >nnnn<;; It doesn't look right...and also, since the law change in anime, the way they try to show us what's happening just brings about a whole new level of WTF-ness ^^;; I stopped the series.


This is definitely a series for male-viewing only. I mean I am an ecchi-loving type of girl. But this...when I watched this...I felt like a lesbian >_>;; and it was awkward watching it.

I recommend it to guys who like their anime chicks, and to chicks who are looking for a challenge: Let's see how I can handle it? xDDD GANBAREEE~ <3


A very sweet Slice of Life anime ! I really enjoyed~ Almost as much as AnoHana...if only it had a grand finish TAT But I still as very upset that it's finished :"( I haven't been into SoL for very long so I don't know how to review it properly ^^;; But it's nice to watch Ohana's journey from being a girl who apathised with her life in the city and found a love for something whilst staying with her Grandmother as well as finding love :)


HNGHHHHHHHH <3<3<3 Was desperately upset when it ended. This series ended pretty early with only 12-13 episodes~ I finished pretty abruptly, with no conclusion to some of the plots :/ But it is adorable and I can't help but find myse;f craving for more, thankfully someone listened to YAOI FAN GIRLS' dreams~ And have released an OVA and a second season which will be airing next month :33

THERE IS YAOI ! HEAVY YAOI ! Of course not as heavy as it could of been because of that law that was passed :"(


I've really enjoyed the series ! Or enjoyed what I've seen of it ^^;; For some reason the downloads for S;G haven't worked so I only reached to about episode 8 :"( But I really like the story~ The first episode was super confusing but because it was a work with HUKE I decided to continue it and I haven't regretted it  <3<3


Another favourite of mine ! A brilliant shounen genre that demons also x"DD It's full of fun, fights and surprises~ <3<3 I'm not sure if it's finished yet but the last few eps from these passing weeks have been massively exciting as I have been begging for them each week xD 

What will happen next? :")


A fantastic how which came to an end very quickly witha bout 13 episodes. I hope it'll have another season :"( It just ended with nothing gained...much ^^;; Detective and fighting action as well as the typical pervy scenes of ecchi xD <3<3

TIGER & BUNNY 10+/10

INSTANT TEN OUTTA TEN FROM ME !! But too awesome to just be a 10 x"DDDD I haven't loved a series like this in a long time ! And even though it ended will 24 episodes, I was crying bad...ohhh yeah, crying real bad about it. But the announcement of a Second Season sealed my tears of instantly xDDD MOAR HEROES !! MORE TIGER AND BUNNY ! And maybe the other characters will get more screen time as well as Kaede :333 I definitely want to see her grow and her in action more ! :D

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