Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Impressions: Summer 2012

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica
It had an interesting opening plot and had a few things I'm a sucker for - different worlds, futuristic-type civility, etc. Of course the pink-haired girl was unfavourable for me because she seemed weak and such but then you learn who she is and well, let's just say I'm expecting great things from her. Only the two main characters have been introduced and a hazy intro to possibly the antagonists but that still needs to be confirmed. I can be confident in the fight sequences that will come will be great, with out-of-this-world powers to wield weapons - always a sucker for those xD Not much was exposed in the first episode, so I can just guess what could happen :)
Tari Tari
I really like how this show has introduced it's characters and motive behind the plot were established. The issue that was introduced in the first episode was resolved very quickly within the first and second episode which threw me a back. What I thought would take the whole season to see resolution, was sought at the end of the 2nd episode, so I actually have no idea where this series is going now, but I'm anticipating for it :) It's a great SoL type of series. 
Binbou-gami ga! 
This series is definitely one for laughs and tears. It has a very God Only Knows vibe, though very different. I think the characterisation was developed very well and it's a series about self-learning, etc. It's about a girl who has immense good luck (and sucking it from other people too) and so the god of Bad Luck has come to collect her excess GL...though she's not some nice girl-next-door girl. Nope. She's a rich snob who's not going to give away her luck away so easily. But I don't see the story will get into an actual continuing plot until the middle of the series. Until then, it'll be hilarious plots of chasing and grabbing Good Luck :)
Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi 
If you were a big fan of Chihayafuru I guarantee this is a great series for you. Of course I was a big fan of the mentioned series and so, this series helps in understanding the poems of Karuta (aka, the Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu). Though the series only focuses on mainly the love poems of the 100, it's no worry because the selector of the poems was a bias to romance poems xD I definitely love the visuals of the series. The use of colours play a big part in the presentation and so the art is very simple. I see the series as a more educational/informative type of series so unless you are interested in Feudal Japan culture, karuta or poetry, etc. you may find this a tad boring.
Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Here is another Genderbend of the feudal warlords type of anime. The main character (male) ends up in a warp, going back into the past. He is a sucker for historical battle games and ends up in the same time as he'd played over and over again. So of course, he knows all the legends and heroes...but most of them are all female Σ(゜ロ゜;) He has no way to get back home and so stuck to being the 'monkey' of one of his now-turned-female heroes of history. I don't know what to expect from this series as I don't know Japanese History but I definitely see romance, harem & comedy.
Sword Art Online
I am confident to say, this is the series of this season. When I watched it, it was like watching a more badass version of Angelic Layer fused with Deadman Wonderland - revolutionary game tech where you risk your life. Anyone who's logged into the game cannot log out. If someone releases the headgear off you IRL or if you die in the game, you are dead in the real world too. All you have to do to survive, is complete the game (at LVL100) Now our hero is a 16?YO that was a BETA tester of the game, he though, only reached LVL8 in many months and died. Of course the BETA didn't have the 'die in real life' option. So what will happen now? 
La Storia della Arcana Famiglia
Reverse harem/otome-turned-anime of the season ! I actually very much like this series because our heroine is no damsel-in-distress (which I can always respect). She is part of a vigilante organisation (her father being the head). The time of the series is where her father is to retire soon, and so to decide the next head, all the members have to battle it out. The prevailer, obtaining the position, will also be entitled to her hand. She of course wants no such thing as a marriage, but is also obliged to battle since she has a power that all the participants must have in order to be in the duel. Will she win? Will she have her freedom? At current, the series seems to be introducing the boys to us more as well as our heroine.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous
MY FIRST JOSEI ! It seems very sweet and unpredictable at the moment. We've got a florist, a guy who likes the florist, and the florist's dead husband's ghost floating about...which, not to mention, can be seen by the guy who likes the florist xD It's definitely very interesting. The characters and relationships with each other are also intriguing and I keep wanting to know more of their past. Being a josei, it's very much aimed at mature woman so it's very relaxed and will definitely be focusing on the romance and domestic issues/worries of women. It is a promising series that I think will develop very well.
Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai
It's the H series of the season :) Lots of boobs and close skin shots, etc. I do not recommend it to under 16s unless you're into that stuff LOL The story is definitely interesting to an extent. Our hero is a definite H, but there would be no story without our hot demon girl ;9 She's looking for a soulmate (or something of the sort) and our hero is the stand-in until she finds one. The first episode really jumped into the action straight away (and not just the action). It does have it's humorous points (you'll have to read between the lines though) and the last seconds of the first episode were definitely enough for me to want to watch the next. If you're into ecchi or don't mind it & like demon action type stuff, I recommend :)
Hakuouki: Reimei-roku
The third season of Hakuouki ! I was actually not anticipating it's story because the 2nd wasn't very satisfying and not to mention Hakuouki's heroine isn't really one of my favourites of otome heroines ^^;; But I was wrong, I like where the series is heading, or at least how it started. Our main character is a young samurai. Not much is known about him at all. And so with him, there is no Chizuru. Also because this season is a prequel and so is about the dawning of the Shinsengumi. I'm excited for this series and looking forward to knowing more of Ryunosuke and the backstories of our most loved ikemens ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ
Kokoro Connect
I'm definitely loving how this series is heading. I'm not sure what I watched of the first episode wall all of the first episode as it was cut abruptly and not sure if that really was the end, but, I love it's concept of body switching. It's about a group of students who probably are on a journey to self-learning. They're introduced as students who can't place themselves into a mandatory club to be part of and so a new club in created for them (Cultural Research Club) I think it's a newspaper type of club. But anyways, the members start body switching. Of course, with a Boy-Girl group, there's got to be a swap between the different gender, and yes there is "I'm touching a girl's breast" type of thing that happens LOL It seems promising and has been enjoyable !

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