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First Impressions: Autumn 2012


Really looking forward to this series. It's theme include supernatural and mystery. It has some cute humour and heroine has good character, that is not to say that she is a good character - she's a bit too perfect - but I'm not too picky on it. The introduced characters thus far (just Ogami and heroine) are interesting. Of course Ogami is shrouded full of mystery and as the first episode proceeds through events I definitely can't decide if he's good or bad guy - though I'm speculating he's a different kind of bad guy. The plot was pushed quickly at the end which I don't mind, they built the introduction of characters well and got right into it and of course leaving a cliffhanger that no one can turn away from. Themes seem to be very dark - I have no idea what to expect but I'm excited from thinking about it.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

This series is very sweet and cute. It seems like a typical shoujo - where the heroine is in a state that needs growth and change and main male character will be the reason that she will so. The characters are very interesting, especially the heart-throb - he's strange, weird...just not how heart-throbs usually act - it's a romantic comedy alright xD The first episode hasn't done much except introduce characters...oh and did I forget to mention CONFESSION AND KISS ALL IN THE FIRST EPISODE ?? Ahahah definitely a good series to watch if you love your shoujo and romantic comedies !

Shin Sekai Yori

Another supernatural series but I think it will concentrate on friendship themes in a world that they live in. The first episode has a lot of context you have you digest - they put down a lot of information in one go for you - the aspects tat surround the supernatural nature of the series was a little fast-paced and so ou may be slow to grasp the concept (watching the episode a second won't hurt ;D). It definitely has lots of mystery (kind of a 'Another' feel though not too murderous...I think). Don't really have much to say about it since we hardly know anything about the characters either but I am definitely looking forward to where it's unique concepts will go.


So far so very good, this series. It's another virtual-game-turns-reality type of game, but don't go thinking SAO - this is no MMORPG in fantasy land - first-hand combats and bombs are the only way to fight, defend, and ultimately, kill. Our hero is a 21?YO guy, unemployed but he's in the Top 10 of players in the game BTOOOM!. He wakes up in a rainforest or something and he's got amnesia, then bam he's forced to use bombs and connections between the game and reality are made as he attempts to regain his memories. Definitely a different approach form SAO so don't underestimate it :P The female character hasn't appeared yet, neither am I keen. the only thing stopping a good action series is a big-breasted girl

[K] / K-Project
This series has received a lot of anticipation it seems. I for one freaking love it (I'd give it a 5 if I could xD). From the animation, it is clear that this series has an extraordinary budget. It's got a fantastic opening, great character designs an actually very mysteries - I haven't been able to find any extra information about characters or the series so definitely loving the mystery. Critically, the first episode has no substance at all - just a massive introduction to so many characters we still haven't grasped the names of all of them yet (although we see too many relatives of characters we know and love in other series' *cough*ShizuoKandaShion*cough* But by the end of the episode you are so lost about everyone and everything you really want to get to next episode to find out more (not to mention that cliffhanger). This series has a lot to live up to for this season !

Sukitte Ii na yo
4/5 (critically, since I would give it 5 regardless xD)

This manga has been long awaited from fans of the manga for a loooooong time (me included). The introduction to Mei was a little bit different from the manga but main point of the story were stuck in the anime which I am grateful for Of course art is a little downer but it's better than I expected. /stahps comparing/ Characters are typical - anti-social female character, popular male character and then the others that will fall in as the female character changes and makes friends etcetc. It is  pretty predictable I guess but I look forward to them /forgets anything about being critical/ SO ADORABLE I LOVE SEEING THE MANGA COME TO LIFE UWAHHHH AND FIRST KISS IN FIRST EP AS WELL /drowns in flail/

Zetsuen no Tempest

As the name suggests, there will be a tempest - looks apocalyptic :P And yes there is a Shakespeare reference you will pick up in the first episode. Characters's behaviours and set up do reflect on Shakespeare's character but not just to The Tempest. The two main characters, Mahiro and Yoshino are quite the pair, Mahiro, as expected as a main has lots of drive and personality. Yoshino on the other hand, we hardly know nothing about - he seems apathetic and boring though friends say there will be more - so I look forward to seeing what type of character Yoshino is and what he will show of himself. Series is of magic and action genre.


BAKUMAN IS BACKKKK ! ! ! So happy it's returned for a third season. I wouldn't recommend new-audiences to watch it from here (YOU MUST GO TO THES FIRST SEASON!!). It picks up straight from where Season 2 left off. There is no hesitation of the story - they dive straight to it. And they even give us female viewers some relief - MIHO x MASHIRO SAH ADORABLE >wwwww< Old characters that we both love and hate has returned (not all seen yet) and so begins the third part of this Slice of Life Romantic Comedy :"DDDD SAH GUD TO HAV YOU BACK GOIS !!~

Kamisama KISS / Kamisama Hajimemashita

Another romantic comedy which witnessed the two female and male characters' first kiss kekekeke >www< It's a romantic comedy which is definitely cute but better than I expected. The heroine has great character (I love her so much!!) Although her personality kinda changes a bit here and there. But it's typical love of master and servant...better yet, love-hate relationship :"D /sucker/ Characters have all such great personalities and I look forward to how their relationship develops and how our heroine deals with her current situations :3 Definitely one of the tops in my list this season.

Litchi DE Hikari Club

Has received negative feedback from followers of the manga. Litchi E Hikari Club is supposed to be a horror-genred manga and after watching the first episode (2 minutes long btw) I think it may be a parody of some sort. The characters are chibi and it's quite cute and funny. Not much to write about since it only ran for 2 minutes but I suspect it may be something like Daily Lives of Highschool Boys where it's senseless humour but a friend that followed the manga said it does reference the manga's main events :)


From the artist of Katekyou HITMAN REBORN! I was super stoked that this would be a good series and yes, I am definitely loving it ! It has pretty cool futuristic concepts in terms of weaponry. The series opened to what I suspect may be the main arc of the series but quickly changes to the starting of the series - introducing the female heroine and setting the context of the series. The heroine is a newbie in the Police force of some sort. In this setting the Force use criminals to hunt criminals. Loving the characters and the events that took place in the first episode has me at the edge of my seat. It brings up ethics involving the legal/enforcement system with the presence of technology. May look into humanity theories or something. The themes in the series seem to be quite dark and serious. BUT SO BAMF !!


Another manga-turned anime that's been highly anticipated. A friend of mine had told me that the company that took on MAGI was a company more known for their moe stuff so I was a bit anxious. Well...Aladdin's voice is super girly xD But it wasn't so bad, the art was great and even though there were details that were different from the manga to the anime, the feel of MAGI was still there. It's an adventure shounen to those who are new to the series. It has very appropriate comedy bits in there and characters you will come to love so much !!

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