Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Impressions: Winter 2011/12

These are anime series that were aired during December 2011 to February 2012 :) I haven't watched it all so I'll just review the ones that I have ! Now most of these I've stopped because of the DDL site shutdowns  but I'll give you what I think anyways :P Also, BRS the anime is shit it seems, my friends have all complained fir it's shitness and everyone seems to prefer the OVA ^^;;

Rinne Lagrange

The show seemed quite interesting form the start, a typical loveable character that is suddenly called to pilot robots but then it turns out her mother had something to do with them and her cousin vowed to not let her pilot a robot and in the end lets her anyway :P ROFL/tired It had many eye candy for guys which I guess is aiming for for shounen audiences even though the main charas are female. A good watch though I stopped at the 2nd ep. I look forward to continuing this series.

It's a horrific, supernatural type of series. I would compare it to something like Ai Girl :| I haven't been up to date but it's progressed fairly well. Mei is a girl no one can see except for the new kid. She is surrounded by absolute mystery and there's a horror story has has us guessing she has something to do with it. The dolls really give you the shivers. Though my friends have been disappointed in latest episodes because the story come to a halt it seems. 
Brave 10

Historical anime surrounding a priestess and some hot ass-kicking guy xD  I haven't been very updated on this series as you can see but the story seems good enough to give a try, the action and stuff are pretty good but I was really turned of by the female lead. She is super annoying and has no strong points to her...or so I've seen.

Recommend to give it a go and see what you think.

As always...it has some element of confusion |||orz Art is amazing again, it seems there's a larger focus on Araragi's sister's but then again, I never got around to finishing the first season to really expect anything from this season. Don't have much to say but it's still quite funny and quite "OH HOHOHOHO" B{D << that.
Ano Natsu de Matteru

An adolescent romantic comedy~ The main charas are two girls, Ichika and Remon, and a boy named Kaito. I was interested in the series because the art was pretty much Ano Hana style. It seemed to be ecchi too so I watched it. It's quite alright and funny. I stopped after the 1st episode but I will try to continue it. It seems the story may develop into something better because the last time I watched it, the pink-haired girl apparently was some alien or something x"D
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

THIS.This you have to watch !! It is a completely hilarious and out of this world series. It's a gag comedy story that follows the humorous yet "realistic" /coughsarcasm everyday lives of three guys -  Tadakuni, Hidenori, Yoshitake +other students. I super super super love love this series, because it's completely hilarious and super short. In every ep there are about 3 different segments. Though with it being so funny I wouldn't mind if it were longer TwT It's the type of series that I'd love to cosplay and act out every scene because they're just so rich !! xDD
Inu x Boku SS

I quite like this series, it's a typical genre I'd watch. Ririchou is a demon girl that likes to be alone and then she moves out of the main house to be at this special loft but then an SS agent is assigned to her (Soushi) and he's a demon too (as is everyone in the same loft). She's a very yandere chara and he's like an annoying loyal dog. But you can't hate him with those looks :P I love all the characters and hoping to see developments with Ririchou's personality <3
Mouretsu Pirates

Set in a futuristic interpretation, Marika is the main character who finds out her father was the captain of the space pirate ship Benten Maru, due to some compact made years ago she is to inherit the position of captain.

Quite interesting, I stopped after the 2nd ep. I didn't get to see any sort of development in the first to episodes but Iw ish to continue the series online to see the development :3
Recorder to Randoseri

Another random out there series. Atsushi is 11YO yet he's 180 cm, his sister Atsumi is 137cm despite being 17YO. It's quite hilarious since Atsushi doesn't actually feel concious about his appearance and acts as an 11YO should but it usually leads him to trouble xDD Bloody hilarious :P

It's also split into small segments like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.
Senhime Zesshou Symphogear

In a distant futuristic city where music(singing) is powerful for the two girls (on the left) that are in a top vocal unit called "Zweiwing". Some occurrence happend at their concert and they ended up being super powered and I think they died but they were somewhat reincarnated or their power was transferred, I was super confused about that. I stopped after the first episode but I do intend to continue it.
Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama (New Prince of Tennis)

WEEEE~ Been waiting for this for a long time, I didn't get to finish the old series because it was too long and I had lost the episode I was up to TAT But I was able to quickly get into it because I could recognise most of the characters I know and love :") Even though it may be repetitive as Ryouma takes the Spotlight, you can expect anything but being bored. PoT is here again to convince you to play Tennis !! xDD

Hope you enjoyed my review today ! Sorry it's not very clean cut whether I like it or not except for a few exceptions. I seem to be indifferent to many series' now but I do enjoy watching it ! I'll be posting a few individual reviews of series' that I really recommend so look out for that ! Hope you enjoyed your Winter 2011/12 anime-watching I'm sure it was better than mine. And hoping you're looking forward to the new season ! I'll try to check out Ep1 of every release of the new season and post a initial reaction review to them :D

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