Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silent Escape

(c) lonehorizon (dA)
So NO.6 has been rising in its popularity and who am I to deny that? I have been hooked ! ! Oh Nezumi~ There's always something new happening in each episode and I swear, I HAD NOO IDEA IT WAS BL ! Of course, I haven't read the light novels either, but when I saw the preview and then the episode with the kiss, gawd, my BL dreams were awakened *U* Of course I had always loved NezumixSion. But I thought I was watching a non-BL series and so just dreamed...and for it to actually happen...he let's just say I had to mop up some blood. It's like wanting TigerxBunny but it ain't even gonna happen because you's not BL (or is it ;D) and then all of a sudden...KISSU?!


But back on topic, lonehorizon has been recently added on my +watch list, she is freaking AMAZING !! I love her Nezumi, it is perfection to the T. The location and pose suit each other very much and her expression really goes as Nezumi ! I would advise her to look at her make up but every crossplayer has their way to do their makeup when crossplaying and I'm not one to criticize since I know nothing of hr resources, skill and/or any other factors that may affect her make up.

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